Trucks and transportation dominate the Weston board meeting

WESTON, Vt. – The Weston Select Board made quick work of their meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 13 focusing mainly on trucks and transportation in a meeting that lasted little more than 30 minutes.

Select Board
Weston Select Board discussed updates to highways, snow removal, and truck bids. Photo from the Weston town website

The meeting started with comments from audience member and Road Foreman Almon Crandall in discussing the town’s new Ford truck that “has some minor issues that have to be addressed,” which include issues with the heater. Crandall went on to say that when he talked to Ford, he discovered there was a recall in place for the heater and noted they could get by with the issue until warmer weather. Crandall also mentioned some issue with the plow lights that would need to be addressed in the spring as well but that were functioning with a work around until then.

Crandall finished by saying he might need more sand depending on the weather. Board member Ann Fuji praised his efforts in plowing and maintaining the roads, saying that the “roads are in good shape, really good shape.”

Discussion turned to the new Highway Access and Right of Way Policy, which has been updated. There appeared to be a mix up on the board receiving the proper policy, and it was decided to table approval of the policy until the Feb. 27 board meeting to give the board members the time to read it thoroughly.

Weston Select Board Chair Denis Benson opened four bids they had received for the town’s 2012 Ford F550 dump truck, which had been put out to bid at the last meeting. Weston Island Logging, Inc. came in with the highest bid of $10,100, which was unanimously accepted. Other bids ranged from $3,165 to $8,600.

The board then moved to approve the lease agreement with Weston Volunteer Fire Department on their four trucks including their new tanker they received just last week. The standard lease agreement was for a 1987 Chevy Kodiak, 2004 mini KME, 2008 KME custom pumper and their new 2018 KME freightliner tanker.

The board wrapped up the transportation themes of the night by accepting a certificate of compliance for the town’s Roads and Bridge Standard.

The board then turned to standard town business, approving the minutes from past meetings and payroll and account payable expenses. As they were about to conclude, Weston Town Treasurer Kim Seymour arrived and announced that she had received the final warrant for county taxes, which went up $93 from the previous estimate. Asked whether they should ask for approval of the additional funds at town meeting or just absorb it, the decision was made to absorb it, avoiding what might become a lengthy debate at the town meeting.

The meeting adjourned following the discussion. The Weston Select Board will meet next on Tuesday, Feb. 27.

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