TRSU Board approves superintendent’s job description

TRSU meeting in May 2. Photo by Sharon Huntley.

LUDLOW, Vt. – The TRSU board meeting May 2 began with a question from community member Dan Tyrrell questioning whether the composition of the board might shift as student population changes with the approaching closure in June 2020 of Black River High School. Currently, the board is made up of three representatives from each of GMUSD and LMHUUSD districts. Superintendent Meg Powden responded that the board make up would stay the same intentionally, not focusing on individual districts. “We’re looking system wide and everyone cares about all of our students,” she said.

A well-attended school fair happened earlier that day in Ludlow. Board Chair Joe Fromberger attended and thought that Green Mountain did a good job in representing the school using graphics and technology. “I thought it was very well done,” he said.

Powden expressed hope that many Ludlow students would choose GMUHS but did not have any idea of those numbers now. GMUHS will be providing busses to both Ludlow and Mount Holly.

The board looked at a district-wide Non-Bargaining Personnel handbook in draft form, which will equalize days off for employees doing the same job across districts. According to TRSU Finance Manager Cheryl Hammond, the cost implications are minimal. Board members Kate Lamphere and Dan Buckley both expressed concerned that everyone not be brought up to the highest level of benefits. Hammond confirmed that they looked at the averages when they made their decision. The board agreed to look at the handbook again at the next meeting.

After months of development and having been a topic of concern in years past, the board approved a multipage Superintendents Job Description.

Fromberger brought forward a request from GMUSD to consider moving the location of the TRSU board meetings to the schools in the district rather than staying at the TRSU building where space was limited. They also expressed a desire to make the meetings easier for parents to attend and to improve visibility of TRSU board throughout the district. After lengthy discussion, Fromberger asked Powden to task her office with coming back with several scheduling and location options for the board to consider.

A circulating Support Staff Agreement was approved, which included Fromberger’s recommended changes that had been pointed out at the recent GMUSD meeting. Fromberger let this board know that a warned special meeting had been called for GMUSD to approve the amended final agreement on May 9.

After School Program Director Vanessa White made an extensive presentation on the growth of the TRSU district-wide afterschool program and the upcoming summer program, which will be happening at West Hill in Ludlow this summer.

The board wrapped up by approving the hire of Marion Brody as a speech language pathologist and increasing a Special Ed position from 3-4 days to accommodate increased need in Mount Holly.

The next meeting is Thursday, June 6 at the Roost.

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