The entertaining world of Springfield’s R.W. Martin

R.W. Martin
R.W. Martin as Hades in “Zodiac” pilot. Photo provided by R.W. Martin

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Welcome to the wonderful, wacky, show-biz world of R.W. Martin – comedian, actor, filmmaker, impressionist, and all-around funny guy! Originally from Waterbury, Vt., and a Springfield resident for two years now, Randy Martin has been an entertainer for 30 years strong and realized his gift from a young age.

“Both of my parents, William and Mary, had great senses of humor and I grew up watching the comedy classics such as Abbott and Costello, the Marx Brothers, Honeymooners, Milton Berle, and the Carol Burnett show,” Martin said in a recent interview. “I first performed in front of an audience, as Weird Al Yankovic, at a variety show in Waterbury.”

Although Martin received no formal training in acting or performing, his natural ability to entertain and make people laugh shone through from the start. “I never got any formal training… I’m just a natural, I guess. As a child, I discovered that I had this knack for making people laugh. I knew, early on, that I wanted to spend my life entertaining people, and that is what I try to do every day!”

Martin’s film, television, stage, and video credits are impressive. His film credits include acting for ZAC Studios, The Mendocino Corporation, and Stoneworks Entertainment, and he has appeared on the television shows “Rescue 911” and “Late Night Saturday.” His own creations include a screenplay called, “Murdock and the Radical 5,” and a comic book called, “Bisbick Heinz, Agent 57,” which will premiere at the Saratoga Comic Con Oct. 26 and 27.

Martin also recently appeared in a short film pilot titled, “Where Is She,” which was created by Zen & Chaos Studios, filmed in Essex Junction, Vt., is currently appearing at film festivals. He also recently appeared in a television movie pilot shot in Burlington and starring Corbin Bernsen and Kaye L. Morris. “In the ‘Zodiac’ pilot with Corbin Bernsen, I play Hades, and I also recently played a cop in a short film shooting in Bronsville, Vt.”

Randy continues to stay quite busy with various projects, including the upcoming premier of his “Bisbick Heinz” comic book in Saratoga and at the Super Megafest Comic Con in November, appearing in a local independent science fiction movie titled, “The Street Photographer,” and has also created an innovative card and dice game called “Kabeshan.”

To learn more about the many projects and adventures of R.W. Martin, please visit his website at

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