The Dari Joy Baseball Contest is suspended under difficult times

Last week was one of the fastest moving weeks in my lifetime. Things came fast and furious. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, tournament games were held statewide in both Vermont and New Hampshire and the national sports scene marched on.

A day later, all sports were off regionally and nationally, except high schools in New Hampshire. Another day later, New Hampshire postponed their high school tournaments.

There have been two similar periods in my long lifetime when the sporting world stopped. The first came in 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and games were called off. The second took place following 9/11 when athletic events were halted again.

Each time, the nation’s pulse has been thrown out of whack. Although the first two events are well in the rearview mirror, anyone who lived through the period still likely feels the uneasiness of the moment. That uneasiness may have been different for every one of us.

As this is being written, it is tough to judge the final impact of our current situation, but once again the pulse of our nation has been altered.

Like the games themselves, the Dari Joy Baseball Contest has been suspended. If or when the 2020 baseball season commences, the contest will start up again.

If you already sent in your choices, and a few have already arrived, those entries could count if the format of the season doesn’t change.

However, anyone who already entered may choose to send another entry when things start up again. Normally, a second entry disqualifies you, but under the circumstances the rules have changed.

The games format may also make early entries invalid; a shorter season, extra wild cards added, no one really has any idea at the moment.

The picking up of prizes will also be delayed at least a couple of weeks. The Dari Joy is still slated for an April 4 opening, but we have delayed so they may focus on the essentials of their business at this difficult time.

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