Superintendent Meg Powden resigns at TRSU meeting

CAVENDISH, Vt.Superintendent Meg Powden resigned from her position, effective June 30, 2020, at the Monday, Jan. 13 TRSU meeting.

  The following is the letter of resignation that Powden sent to her staff Monday.

“Dear Paul [Orzechowski],

“With this letter I am notifying you that I will resign as Superintendent of the Two Rivers Supervisory Union effective June 30, 2020. I am grateful for having the opportunity to work with accomplished and dedicated administrators, teachers and staff who work to provide our students with an education of excellence.

“Given the technical, economic and environmental changes in our society we need to transform instructional practices and education to provide our students with what they need to achieve academically, socially and emotionally. Our supervisory union places a particular focus on providing our students with a personalized and proficiency-based education recognizing that in doing this work we will help our students develop the skills to be successful post-graduation. We know our students need to demonstrate competence in collaboration, communication, creativity, self-direction and the content areas we offer.

“Public school education is the foundation of our democracy. I treasure public education and I am proud of the work we’re engaged in to fulfill our vision. Our administrators, teachers and staff work to improve our instructional practices continuously through providing our supervisory union with a collaborative leadership model and our students with flexible pathways of learning, proficiency-based education and personalized learning plans. We have made tremendous progress in these areas of instruction and I anticipate the work will continue to provide our students with a diverse range of learning opportunities.

“With the upcoming change in leadership, please know I will work to provide the supervisory union with a smooth transition to the next Superintendent, who will take our schools to the next phase of work.


“Meg Alison Powden

“Superintendent of Schools”

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