Sunshine and slush at Chester’s Winter Carnival



winter carnival
Photo by Terri J Huck
winter carnival
Going after the ball. Photo by Terri J Huck
winter carnival
Horsedrawn sleigh rides were available at the Chester Winter Carnival. Photo by Terri J. Huck

CHESTER, Vt. – There was plenty of snow on the ground for Chester’s recent Winter Carnival, but unlike last year, when many of the events had to be postponed because of wind-chill warnings, this year’s carnival goers reveled in sunshine and temperatures that peaked above 50 degrees.

Families brought all manner of sleds to the Pinnacle recreation area on Lovers Lane on Saturday, Feb. 18, and slid down the steep hills until late in the afternoon. Children squealed with laughter despite the slushy conditions as impromptu snowball fights erupted and snowmobilers roared along the trails.

The ice rink drew spirited competition in broomball, which is similar to ice hockey but players wear shoes instead of skates. And they use “brooms” with rubber triangular heads to propel a ball across the ice.

The games at the Chester carnival were fast-paced, and fans cheered loudly from the sidelines of the new 70 by 120-foot rink, which opened late last year. It is larger than the skating rink at Cobleigh Field and has the added benefit of centralizing the outdoor activities for this year’s carnival.

Nearby, wood was stacked in a pyramid in preparation for the bonfire later that evening, and the horse-drawn sleigh rides were winding down.

Back on the Green, the Southern Pie Company’s shop was packed with people taking advantage of the opportunity to taste a variety of pies, including bourbon pecan, chocolate chess and sour cream triple berry pie.  The proceeds benefited the Chester Recreation Department.

Broomball is fun for everyone! Photo by Terri J Huck
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