Springfield On The Move is in the know

Springfield on the Move improvements to public benches in downtown Springfield. Photo provided by Springfield on the Move website.

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – If you care about all the positive happenings in Springfield, then connecting with Springfield On The Move is all you need to know! Its members include community leaders, local business owners, local government, and concerned and enthusiastic residents.

Launched in 2018, Springfield On The Move is a nonprofit organization designed to work with local businesses, property owners, citizens, and the town government to communicate, enhance, and revitalize Springfield’s downtown and surrounding area to create a desirable, attractive, economically viable destination for residents, business owners, and visitors alike.

“Springfield On The Move officially launched when the town of Springfield was accepted to be a ‘Designated Downtown’ by the state of Vermont, because it is required to have that affiliation,” Executive Director Jessica Martin said in a recent interview. “We are comprised of four branches: organization – which is my job as executive director, design, promotions, and economic development, with each branch carrying its own responsibilities within the organization.”

They work with several organizations in the area including the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Springfield Regional Development Corporation, and the town of Springfield, with the common goal to revitalize and grow the Designated Downtown area. The Designated Downtown is currently comprised of One Hundred River Street, which is part of Pearl and Park Streets, Main Street extended to the Whitcomb Building and Valley Street, which reaches from Main Street to the Perkins Deli building. Springfield On The Move also works hard to promote new businesses and community events happening in the area.

A few successful past projects include the improvements of several building facades, improving the alley in between the Huber building and 56 Main Street/Bank Block Building, the placing of artistic benches throughout the town, the implementing of flower boxes and gardening upkeep in the downtown area and collaborating with the Springfield Regional Chamber on the town’s annual holiday program.

“We work with community groups to place window displays in the Woolson Block Building prior to a renovation project that begins in the spring, as well as display windows in the bakery building that are utilized by the town, and working on the Upcycle Art Auction the last two foliage seasons,” Martin added.

“We are also collaborating with Trout River Brewery to host a beer event at One Hundred River Street this summer, and working with a local youth group to get Springfield’s youth more active in the downtown area.”

Springfield On The Move is located at the Town Hall building at 96-A North Main Street. They are always looking for new members to join the organization and volunteers to help with projects in the community. Their Facebook page is also very informative and updated often with various announcements and activities. You can get more information and become a member by visiting their website at www.springfieldonthemove.net or by calling 802-885-1527.

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