Robin Timko shines a light on the struggle for democracy in Myanmar

Robin Timko shares the story of Myanmar on Okemo Valley TV
Robin Timko shares the story of Myanmar on Okemo Valley TV. Photo provided

LUDLOW, Vt. – Cavendish resident Robin Timko and Okemo Valley TV have teamed up to shed light on the fight for democracy happening now in Myanmar, through personal stories, photos, and reflections of both Robin and her son, Aaron Greenberg, who lived in Myanmar for four years from 2013 to 2017.

Robin, who visited her son and grandchildren each year at that time, made many connections and lifelong friends who are now struggling to retain the fragile democracy that has been in place only for only eight years in that small country.

Protests have been ongoing across Myanmar after the military seized power in a coup Feb. 1, 2021, detaining democratically elected leaders, including civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi, ousting the ruling government, and establishing a junta called the State Administration Council. Since protests began, the death toll has reached at least 126 people, according to recent reports.

In this compelling program recorded through Okemo Valley TV, Robin shares her insights and photos she took of the people while visiting Myanmar. Her son Aaron joins her remotely to share his experiences from the time he lived there, sharing a broader perspective of the history and in particular the strides the country made most recently before the coup.

For Robin, it was important to shed light on the struggle for democracy. “I felt compelled to do something…then thought of doing outreach for people to be more aware of what’s happening,” she said.

Some of the final photos she shares in the program were sent to her from friends now involved in the protests – friends whom she can’t identify for their own safety. Robin explains why many of the signs are written in English even though their official language is Burmese. “They are saying in huge letters to the world – we want democracy.”

To help in the struggle for democracy for Myanmar, visit and search for Myanmar to see several petitions available for your signature.

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To view the program, visit Originally aired March 8, the program can be found online at or through OVTV’s YouTube channel.

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