Results for the Ludlow Town Meeting Day

LUDLOW, Vt. – The town budget articles were voted on the floor during Town Meeting Monday, March 2. The following are the results of the elections by Australian ballot from Tuesday, March 3.

Martin Nitka was approved to continue as town moderator for one year. Ulla Cook was unopposed for town clerk for three years. Bruce Schmidt was reelected for the three-year Selectman seat. Scott Baitz and Justin Hyjek will fill the two one-year Selectboard seats. Tomieka MacPherson ran unopposed for the three-year lister position. Tyler Billings won the first constable position for one year. Herb Van Guilder will fill the one-year position for the balance of a three-year Trustees of Public Funds. Rosemary Goings will fill a three-year term for Trustee of Public Funds. Robert Brandt ran unopposed for cemetery commissioner for five years.

Dan Buckley ran unopposed to fill two years for the three-year balance of a Ludlow-Mount Holly Unified Union school director position.

Courtney McGuire of Ludlow, David Venter of Mount Holly, and Sebastian Frank of Mount Holly will all fill three-year terms for the LMHUUSD.

The Ludlow voters also approved the sum of $2,984,585 for River Valley Technical Center and $7,288,496 for the LMHUUSD school budget.

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