Polarity therapy, reiki, and Qigong

Lauren Potter gives bodywork session. Photo by Kathleen Lauritsen

REGION – Have you had enough of stress, pain, anxiety, and illness? The medical systems of China and India have discovered that our body, mind, and spirit are healthy when the body is flowing well with life force energy and the meridian, chakra, and biofield of the human energy system are clear of energetic blockages. Dr. Randolph Stone, a naturopath, osteopath, and chiropractic doctor, was a pioneer in energy medicine in the United States. He realized that western allopathic medicine treated only the symptoms of illness, rather than treating the causes of illness.

After studying Oriental medicine in depth in China and India, his polarity therapy holistic healing system, which is benefiting many people, came into being and is practiced today with new up-to the-minute approaches. The term “polarity therapy” refers to the body’s natural and healthy electromagnetic energy dynamics. Polarity therapy helps resolve the causes of illness through touch bodywork, movement and exercise, diet and nutrition, and personal growth holistic healing work.

A client may come for a session to resolve stomach issues, for example. The client also mentions that she is often anxious and fearful. Through the therapist’s touch and no touch bodywork, the client releases the blocks in energy flow to her solar plexus and stomach and her stomach feels better. In following sessions, the client shares her story of how she became anxious and fearful, and the therapist shows the client movement exercises she can do at home to release anxiety and fear, as well as exercises to help her digestive system. Ongoing session work continues with discussion of diet and nutrition to support a healthy digestive system. The therapist and client continue to work together, adding bodywork sessions, new exercises, and discussions to facilitate the client’s release of the past.

Also effective for promoting health, reducing stress, and enhancing medical and complementary therapies is reiki. Reiki is a practice used in diverse settings, including hospitals, hospice, private offices, and for self-care. Reiki is offered at over 800 hospitals in the U.S. for its beneficial effects, including anxiety reduction, helping sleep, healing patients faster and easier, and easing the side effects of chemo and radiation therapies. Reiki increases life force energy, increasing vitality. Reiki brings perspective and wisdom to the challenges of your career, relationships, and finances. Reiki also helps animals. Certified reiki practitioners give touch or no touch bodywork sessions with the client fully clothed, lying on a massage table or sitting in a chair covered by a warm blanket.

Another practice that promotes health and well-being with a wide range of health benefits is the movement practice Qigong. Qigong increases flow of energy in the body, allowing relaxation and release of tension, often helping to release charged emotions of anger, sadness, resentment, worry, anxiety, fear, and guilt. Qigong is practiced with complete focus in the here and now. Since our illness and disease are products of past thought process, when we stay in the present moment with regular Qigong practice, we begin to naturally and easily let go of our attachment to past events, thoughts, and problems. Along with helping all the bodily systems, Qigong exercises also increase and maintain flexibility, balance, and strength.

Written by Lauren Potter, member of Vermont Reiki Association and the Reiki Membership Association. Potter gives healing sessions including polarity therapy, reiki, Qigong, free movement, and Emotional Freedom Tapping Techniques. For more information, contact Lauren Potter at 802-591-0507, laurenpottervt@gmail.com, www.laurenpotterreikihealing.com.


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