Paw Lodge is enjoying puppy love in their new venture

Paw Lodge
Paw Lodge opens in Cavendish. Photo provided

CAVENDISH, Vt. – In a time of few new business stories, newly engaged partners Zachary Hall and Kori Savage have found early success opening Paw Lodge, a doggie daycare, kennel, and grooming facility in Cavendish.

They’ve revamped and rebranded what used to be Cavendish Canine Camp but now offer expanded grooming services in addition to maintaining day care packages and kennel services.

Kori has local roots here with family in Cavendish, and, according to Zach, they’ve been looking for a dog care and kennel opportunity for about two years, excited to move closer to family from Seattle, where Zach has been grooming dogs for several years.

Now with Paw Lodge, Zach says that it is great to work for himself, caring for and grooming the dogs with his own sensitivity to their needs and making sure they’re comfortable. Kori is the one managing the business end of things, launching their website and new computer software system. Together, they are both excited to bring new energy to their location, acknowledging that expanded grooming services allows them to do that.

They also have long range plans to expand the grooming area and expand their grounds outside to include an agility course and more grassy space for their “pups” to roam more.

They’ve had the added benefit of working with Deb and Dave Norton, who owned and operated Cavendish Canine Camp for over 15 years, showing them the ropes and introducing them to the local dogs and owners.

“They’re helping make a smooth transition…It’s been nice getting to know the local pups,” said Kori.

Although the duo has had their challenges trying to make this transition in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused several delays, they’ve been grateful to have the extra time to refine everything from their signage, updated décor, and new website. Although they would have liked to open sooner than their May 22 launch, the extra time helped them fully prepare.

Now they are just enjoying meeting the community and working with dogs every day. They both agree that they enjoy giving the dogs in their care “the same love we show our own dogs every day.”

Paw Lodge is located on Winery Road in Cavendish, just off Route 103. For details on their services, visit at

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