Mount Holly Fire Department haunted hayride

haunted hayride
A haunting at the Mount Holly Haunted Hayride, Oct. 19. Photo by Otis Nelson

MOUNT HOLLY, Vt. – On Saturday, Oct. 19, the Mount Holly Fire Department brought back the Haunted Hayride this year. Many of the children who participated last year became organizers this time around. While the premiere haunted hayride last year was good, this one was far better!

The Mount Holly Fire Department went all out. They created a committee of four or five people to help organize the event and over 40 volunteers to help pull it off, according to Chief Brian Buffum.

The event was a frightful family treat. Crowds lined the eerily lit fire department starting at 6:30 p.m. Families crowded together awaiting their spooky carriage, otherwise known as a tractor filled with hay. They had three tractors in rotation that carried the large crowd of over 500 people through the Mount Holly Elementary School and neighboring property. Along the side of the road, neighbors even got in the spirit. As the tractors took off up Belmont Road, skeletons could be seen dancing near gravestones and jack-o-lanterns from the friendly neighbors up the hill.

haunted hayride
Mount Holly Fire Department organized the haunted hayride. Photo by Otis Neslon

As the tractor pulled a hard left into the start of the official haunted land, riders were greeted by some frightening protectors of the realm. A ghost flew up behind the tractor as the gates were opened into the next layer of the haunted event. A large bonfire produced an erie reddish light to the fields as you drove up and were witness to chainsaws, a clown on a four wheeler, and many other haunts. Further down the trail, a gaggle of witches were busy brewing a potion that was rumored to be quite delicious. The hayride was spooky enough for the big kids, but family-friendly enough for the smallest.

Laughter and squeals of delight could be heard throughout the hayride, and it certainly should be considered a must-do Halloween event in Mount Holly.

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