Main and Mountain makes its home in Ludlow

Main and Mountain is located on Main Street across from Homestyle Hostel. Photo by Thomas Foster.

LUDLOW, Vt. – A new business has made its home in Ludlow, Vt. Opened on Jan. 1, 2018, Main and Mountain is a bar and motel located at 112 Main Street. Formerly known as All Seasons Motel, the building has seen a rejuvenation and a new breath of life that has brought a modern feel to the building. However, Justin Hydeck, owner of Main and Mountain and Homestyle Hostel, has not forgotten his roots. It hopes to incorporate the image of Southern Vermont into its everyday business.

Justin Hydeck, at 30 years old, was born in Rutland, Vt., and had lived in Ludlow for almost 19 years before traveling to South America with Eliza Greene. Having returned, they both opened Homestyle Hostel on Dec. 1, 2013 and have strived to introduce the concept to the community. A hostel is a form of inexpensive lodging that provides a unique and sociable experience for travelers. “We felt it was important to have people in America know what a hostel is, and to bring cocktail culture to Southern Vermont,” Hydeck said.

The bar. Photo provided by

Although Main and Mountain is a different form of lodging, Hydeck keeps the same mindset of bringing something new to the community. “Vermont isn’t just Montpelier and Burlington. We wanted to show the importance of southern Vermont,” he said. Having spent his childhood snowboarding on Okemo Mountain, he feels a close connection with Ludlow’s tight knit community.

Renovated rooms of the motel. Photo provided by

The beginning of Main and Mountain can be traced to a cold January day in 2017, which Hydeck can only describe as “spontaneous.” The building had been up for auction and he had attended out of curiosity, but soon found himself the highest bidder. They drafted a business plan, and after 10 months of construction, Main and Mountain was ready to be opened. Hydeck feels it is important to “keep money in the community.” They formed business partnerships with local cleaners, distilleries, and farms. Both Justin Hydeck and Matthew Farkas, bartender of Main and Mountain, are members of the Bartenders Guild of Vermont, and hope to create a “local allure” for the business.

“I believe in Ludlow and its potential in rising through phases. It has gone from a farming community to milling and finally a resort town, but it has retained its identity that is unique to the area,” Hydeck commented. “It’s nice to walk down the street and see people you know and say hello. We’re friends with many in the community.”

More information about Main and Mountain can be found by visiting or following them on Instagram or Facebook. Additional information on Homestyle Hostel can be found at

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