Main and Mountain decked their halls for their Miracle Pop Up Bar

“Miracle on Main Street,” a Christmas pop-up bar at Ludlow’s Main and Mountain. Photo by Sharon Huntley

LUDLOW, Vt. – There’s decorating for Christmas, and then there’s “Miracle On Main Street,” which ratchets the whole Santa-loving, Christmas situation up to a whole new level. And that’s exactly what Main and Mountain, the trendy cocktail bar on Ludlow’s Main Street, is going for. They have wholeheartedly embraced this worldwide concept that turns a favorite gathering spot into a happening holiday dream. This Miracle Pop Up Bar concept is a themed bar takeover complete with professionally developed Christmas cocktails and lots of kitschy nostalgic Christmas décor.

Main and Mountain owners Justin Hyjek and Eliza Green first visited a Miracle Pop Up Bar last year and immediately loved the idea. Justin is a self-confessed fan of over-the-top Christmas decorations and “to match it with over-the-top Christmas cocktails seemed like a good fit for our town,” he said.

The concept is happening at 165 bars throughout the world and spans from Nov. 22 through Dec. 31. It comes complete with Miracle branded cocktail menus that list well-crafted Christmas themed cocktails and specially designed holiday themed glasses to serve them in. The decorations themselves however were all up to the Hyjeks, who cleaned out a local Salvation Army of their entire Christmas decorations room.

Walk into Main and Mountain and they got the “over-the-top” decorations part right. A wall of stringed Christmas lights and ornaments make the perfect selfie backdrop. The 4-foot animatronic twerking Santa Claus is another Instagram-worthy shot as is the vibrant, resplendent Christmas tree. Wrapped gifts hang from the ceiling. Windows are tricked out with candles, snowmen, stockings, Santas, and ribbons. Lights, tinsel, and ribbons surround the bar, and staffers complete the look wearing Santa hats and festive clothing.

There are 10 inventive and elaborate cocktails and each is something to behold, not only for the ingredients but also for the specialty glassware they are served in. The Jingle Balls Nog is made with brown butter and Cinnamon Fat-Washed Cognac, Amontillado Sherry, almond milk, cream, sugar, egg, vanilla, and nutmeg and is served in a special Egg Nog mug. The SanTaRex is made with rye, Oloroso Sherry, spiced apple cider concentrate, lemon juice, hard cider, and baked apple bitters. This one is served in a SanTaRex Mug, a green ceramic T-Rex wearing a red Santa hat. According to Justin, this mug has been one of the most popular for gift giving.

Monday, Dec. 2 marked their Ugly Sweater Party, which ran concurrently with all the other 165 locations around the world. They also have a Yankee Swap party planned for Dec. 15. On Dec. 23, Sammy Blanchette will be playing and Santa himself will be making a visit. The last night, Dec. 31, they will be open until 2 a.m. to ring in the New Year.

So far it’s been everything Justin had hoped for. “I’ve not seen one person without a huge smile come through the door,” he said.

Response from patrons has also been exceptional, leading to some record-breaking business. “Part of what makes a bar special is how it makes you feel so when you walk into a bar that looks like this…people seem really receptive to the kitschiness of it,” he said.

You can follow Main and Mountain on Instagram and Facebook @mainandmountain or tweet #miraclepopup to see more about the concept.

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