Local author and contributor Bill Lockwood publishes fourth book

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – Local author and The Shopper contributor Bill Lockwood recently published his fourth book titled “The Monsignor’s Agent,” released in April by The Wild Rose Press located in Adams Basin, N.Y. Bill’s previously published titles include “Buried Gold” (2016), “Megan of the Mists” (2017), and “Ms. Anna” (2018).

Bill Lockwood
Author Bill Lockwood. Photo provided

“The Wild Rose Press is a small publisher that started out in 2006 as primarily an ebook book publisher, but since, has published over 3,000 titles in both digital and print form,” Lockwood said. “Their titles span the genre spectrum, from romance novels to mainstream and women’s fiction.”

In “The Monsignor’s Agent,” the main character is Alison, an Army intelligence officer turned Mata Hari, who takes an assignment to assist Vatican security in tracking down a potential assassin. Flying to the island of Malta, she hires a boat to take the suspect back to Italy.

"The Monsignor's Agents" by Bill Lockwood.
“The Monsignor’s Agents” by Bill Lockwood. Photo provided

The book’s other major character is a former rock drummer and history buff named Max, a cook and bartender on the boat, who impresses Alison by providing information about the suspect. However, it takes some “quick thinking to avoid the potential death awaiting them in Rome.”

“It is historical fiction and also spy adventure/mystery, as are all my books, and they are all set in the 1970s and ’80s,” Lockwood added. “I have always been interested in politics and was raised a Catholic. There were two attempts on the Pope’s life in the ’80s, and I got to thinking that the Vatican must have ‘secret agents’ who look into such things. I kicked the idea around for years and finally put it all together. My character in the current book, Max, also appears in two of my other books.”

Originally from Baltimore and a retired state social services worker, Lockwood and his wife moved to this area in the early ’90s. He has long been involved in the Bellows Falls community and was the longest serving chairman of the committee to spearhead the restoration of the Bellows Falls Opera House, an achievement that earned him the Greater Falls Regional Chamber of Commerce “Person of the Year” award in 2006.

He has also been active in community theater and for many years has written about the arts for local newspapers. “I am also hard at work on my next book, which will be a change,” Lockwood concluded. “It is about an American caught in occupied Paris and World War II.”

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