Jointboard recognizes BF resident turning 100

From left to right: front Donna, Geraldine, and Dennis Harty; middle Gary Lique, Deborah Wright, Peter Golec, Doreen Aldrich; back Jonathan Wright, Wendy Harrison, Stefan Golec. Photo by Betsy Thurston.


BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – On Oct. 30, the Jointboard meeting between the Rockingham Selectboard and the Bellows Falls Village Trustees began with honoring Geraldine Harty.

Bellows Falls resident Geraldine “Gerry” Harty turns 100 this year. Born Geraldine Lorange on Nov. 21, she graduated from Bellows Falls in 1936. She married Norman Harty in 1943 and they had three boys, Michael, Thomas, and Dennis. Harty was accompanied by her son Dennis and his wife Donna and recognized by the Village Trustees and Rockingham Selectboard. They congratulated her on the special centennial as a citizen of Bellows Falls. Harty has lived in the village her entire life and will be honored by friends and family on her birthday. Together, the Jointboard ceremoniously proclaimed Nov. 21, 2018 as Gerry Day.

Selectboard members Peter Golec and Gaetano Putignano have recently volunteered at the recycling center and transfer station and made observations about the new sticker program. Golec mentioned, “That it was an enjoyable experience.”

He continued, “It’s amazing how many people show up from out of town to use the facility and don’t have a sticker.”

They have sold over 500 permits and have seen people come in from Hinsdale, Walpole, and Springfield. Golec added, “Even with Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey plates.”

Putignano commented there was a problem with the lack of signage.

Trustee Jonathan Wright added, as a resident he had noticed “there seems to be no cohesive flow plan. Most centers you pay when you first go in, you are directed, and you are in and out. [Ours] is a chaotic mess.”

Golec said his next target was the shed. The issue is that broken objects are left and then “we pay to throw [them] away.”

Village President Deborah Wright agreed it would be preferable to have a set of procedures and a list of acceptable items.

Putignano commented there was a lot of cash handled and said someone should make sure it was going in the right place. He asked about point of sale and Municipal Manager, Wendy Harrison said the town is working on a POS system to accept credit card purchases, but the process was moving slowly.

The next Trustee meeting is in the Lower Theatre of the Bellows Falls Opera House Tuesday, Nov. 13 at 6 p.m.

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