Harry’s announces return to original Mount Holly location in Spring 2018

Mount Holly
This depiction of the old Harry’s location was painted by a customer and hangs on the wall at Harry’s. Photo by Sharon Huntley.

LUDLOW, Vt. – Harry’s owners Trip Pierce and Debbie Alosi have made an epic decision. They are moving Harry’s, their popular restaurant, back to the previous Mount Holly location in the spring of 2018. Harry’s has been a destination in the Okemo Valley region for over 27 years, since 1989, and has been in the Ludlow location only for the last five years. Although they’ve enjoyed success in the Route 100A North, Ludlow location, with their lease up for renewal, Pierce deemed the time was right to make the move with the future in mind. “We own the Mount Holly location and when I think about retiring in the future, I want to have a fully focused and functioning restaurant to pass on.”

Pierce is grateful for the almost five years he has been in Ludlow since it has allowed him to “introduce a lot more people to what we do.” But the response from his customers, when being told about the relocation plans, has been overwhelmingly positive. According to Pierce, “many of our customers are saying they can’t wait to go back for the intimacy, and the vibe of the old location. Customers are very nostalgic about it.”

Pierce credits long-time partner Debbie Alosi and her tireless efforts “running the front of the house” with the loyalty they enjoy from customers. “Debbie is amazing and makes an extraordinary effort to connect with and interact with customers and it has garnered us a lot of good will,” he said.

The former Mount Holly location is also just a short 3.6 miles away, right on Route 103, so Pierce is not anticipating that will be a barrier for his customers nor his staff, most of whom will be returning with him. “Most of the staff is coming with us and since we’ll have the option of being open seven days a week, that will give them consistency in their hours, since the smaller footprint will require less staffing,” said Pierce. He is grateful for his long line of loyal help over the years and is especially proud of his consistency in the kitchen, with himself and his other two chefs working together for 19 years and 11 years respectively.

In announcing their decision, the most important thing that Pierce wants folks to know is that Harry’s is still open for business throughout the rest of this 2017-2018 winter season in Ludlow, right up until they close in mid-April. A challenge has been the large for-sale sign that now sits on the property so Pierce wants to emphasize to everyone, “We’re very much open and serving our full menu, everything our customers love.”

Harry’s is known for comfort food classics, as well as flavors that “translate into fresh, bright tasting dishes that span the globe.” During the warmer months, Harry’s uses fresh produce from their own gardens for true farm-to-table, or as he terms it, “farm-to-mouth” cuisine. Particularly popular are their curry and Thai dishes. Harry’s Pad Thai has become such an iconic dish that customers have told Pierce it is a benchmark for how they rate any other Thai restaurants. Harry’s also has numerous vegetarian options, kids favorites, and has enjoyed a recent surge in steak and lamb shank orders.

Harry’s is open Wednesday through Sunday, from 5 – 10 p.m. For reservations call 802-228-2996. The Mount Holly location is expected to re-open in June 2018 following minor renovations after they move back in the spring.

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