Green Mountain Chieftains win 25th annual Josh Cole Tournament

Josh Cole
Chieftain Everett Moser (10) is waiting for action to come to him, which it did for most of the tournament. Other GM players are Kagan Hance (7), Jack Doyle (15), and James Anderson (12). The two Rebel players are Owen Ameden (13) and Matt Emerson (11). Photo by Otis Nelson

LUDLOW, Vt. – Green Mountain Union High School boys won the Josh Cole annual soccer tournament defeating Leland and Gray by a score of 4-1 in the championship game Saturday night, Sept. 14 at Dorsey Park. Sophomore Everett Mosher scored all four goals for the Chieftains.

The Josh Cole Tournament, marking its 25th year, started Friday night with Leland and Gray beating Windsor 2-1 and then Green Mountain routing Mount Saint Joseph 8-0. Mosher also scored four of the eight goals in that game.

Josh Cole
Green Mountain’s Elias Stowell-Aleman (5) and Leland & Gray’s Nate Sanderson (18) both look to send the ball towards their attacking zone. Photo by Otis Nelson

During Saturday’s earlier consolation game, Windsor defeated Mount Saint Joseph by a score of 3-1.

This was the first year that Black River High School did not field a team. Instead, two of their players, seniors Alex Kirdzik and Bowen Stark, played with the Green Mountain team.

Black River High School, the traditional host of the Josh Cole Tournament, is closing in June of 2020. According to BRHS Athletic Director Joe Gurdak, discussions are already underway to have another school host the event so it would continue at Dorsey Park.

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