Fletcher Farm Craft Show

Fletcher Farm Arts and Crafts Festival
Fletcher Farm Arts and Crafts Festival


The Vermont Journal

LUDLOW, Vt. ­ Sixty-­five vendors and over 700 shoppers gathered at the Fletcher Farm campus with a unanimous appreciation of high quality, locally made arts and crafts at the Fletcher Farm Craft Show from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sat., July 2. This experience highlights the talents and skills of craftsmen from all over New England, and has shoppers and vendors coming back year after year for incredible products, connections, and conversations.

The pleasant weather extended a warm and sunny invite to explore the Fletcher Farm School for the Arts and Crafts, which has just entered its 68th year of providing education for members of the community in timeless arts, crafts and other creative traditions. Fletcher Farm offers classes in pottery, painting, basket­weaving, soap making, stained glass and glass painting, the fiber arts, and so much more! Register and learn more at www.fletcherfarm.org or call 802-228-8770.

The Fletcher Farm School began as a home to Jesse Fletcher, a Revolutionary War soldier who built the house in August 1783. The building was expanded over time to accommodate a growing family, and the property was passed on within the Fletcher family until it was purchased by Allen M. Fletcher, who had previously served as Governor of Vermont. His wife and daughters chose to repurpose the building and property as a space for a non­profit educational center, established in 1933. The Board of Trustees and the Society of Vermont Artists and Craftsmen work to maintain the property and encourage programs to continue to grow. Currently the Fletcher Farm School offers over 200 classes yearly to people of all ages, consistently taught by local talented individuals.

The Fletcher Farm Craft Show is in the middle of its 33rd annual festival, displaying incredible local arts and talents, and the vendors had a variety of arts, ranging from pottery created from local and imported clays with traditional and innovative designs, to paintings and photographs depicting many differing styles and elements of realism. Some vendors showcased their talents with tie dye, and others with woodworking, candles, soaps, jewelry, and tasty snacks. Artists offered demonstrations of their crafts, including chainsaw carving. Local pizza and homemade strawberry shortcake topped off the afternoon with a flavored twist.

Many vendors will be returning on August 20 under the guidance and organization of Cynthia Sheehan, who has organized and promoted the Fletcher Farm Craft Show for the past 17 years. Applicants are juried to ensure quality and a diverse arrangement of products. Join them on August 20 at the next craft show, and support the locally inspired, designed, and created products of talented craftsmen.

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