Fireworks Celebrate the 4th and 50 years at the Rec area!

Photo Provided.
Photo Provided.

BY Donna Allen

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SAXTONS RIVER, Vt. – Folks began to gather at the Saxtons River Rec early on the 4th of July. They intended to spend the day and night there to enjoy the cooling waters in the 85 degree heat and to enjoy cookouts or picnics and the 4th of July display of fireworks celebrating the Rec’s 50 years in existence. Others began arriving around 8 p.m. to see the fireworks. All in all there was quite a crowd! Sparklers were in abundance as evening fell.

  “ Oh, I come every year. I watch the race, parade, and water polo and enjoy the booths, music and hula-hoops,” remarked Mary Kolage of Brattleboro.

Meredith Smith of Springfield said, “I come every year with my son, mother, brother sister, their families and all the kids. They have a ball. It is so much fun.”

  The kids were swimming or playing on the playground while waiting. The adults were swimming or just relaxing having conversations with friends. Although there was much noise there was also a tranquil feeling at the Rec. Watching the sun go down, folks laid out on the blankets or relaxing in their chairs sort of brings back days of the past.

  A few booms and ooh’s and aah’s were heard as darkness fell. Then about 9:20 p.m. the first of the fireworks were set off. A hush fell over the crowd, then whistles and clapping were heard. The beautiful colors in the night sky lit up the crowd.

  “There must be about a million people here,” a voice in the crowd whispered.

Photo Provided.
Photo Provided.

  “I have never seen so many people here at the fireworks,” another voice rang out.

 A third voice said, “ It’s because not all the towns that used to have them [fireworks] are having them this year.”

  More colors and falling trails of sparkle calmed the conversations and they gazed into the sky watching the bursts.

  In 20 minutes the Grande Finale lit the sky with many colors and bursts at once. Then silence. The display was done, over for another year.

  Thanks, Saxtons River for great little 4th of July Celebration!

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