The Fall Fest brings the essence of autumn

Chester fireman wears pink apron from Ruby Thimble. Photo by Shawntae Stillwell
Chester fireman wears pink apron from Ruby Thimble. Photo by Shawntae Stillwell

CHESTER, Vt. – Fall is here; the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and the Chester Fall Festival has brought crafters and other vendors to The Green. For Chester locals and common tourists, this annual event is a symbol of the beginning of autumn.

Craft vendors and the like set up their tables on The Green and Route 11 for the recent two-day craft fair.

Though on Sunday, the breeze carried a chill and the overcast brought some light rain, people still gathered for the event.

Bonnie’s Bundles brought handmade cloth dolls. Next door was a table of handmade cloth puppy bandanas, while another cloth work crafter brought handmade baby bibs and cloth toys.

Mimi’s Mittens displayed a wide range of mittens made from “previously loved sweaters.” The lady explained that she purchased the “secondhand sweaters from the Salvation Army and other secondhand stores.”

What a great way to upcycle old sweaters. Another vendor upcycled used jeans into ladies’ handbags.

C.H. Diegel Photography was set up with his nature photos printed on metal canvases featuring beautiful water streams, skiing trails, sunsets, starry nights, and other great things of all seasons.

Dellamano Glassware had her table with an arrangement of hand-painted glasses and other glassware. She explained that she uses a certain type of paint, and she bakes the pieces after they are painted to help prevent it from wearing or chipping.

Other vendors displayed their painting artworks of diverse nature scenes.

Various jewelers set up shop, ranging from metal, beadwork, glasswork, and more. One vendor displayed bracelets made with porous beads that absorb essential oils.

“They last longer than scent does on your skin,” explained the vendor. “And the oils can do different things for you, such as relax you or give you energy.”

Bob and Deb’s Sugarhouse had many handcrafted wood art ornaments.

“Each one has different wood,” Deb explained. “The wood isn’t stained or painted; the color comes from the coloring and grain of the different types of wood.” They were all unique, and made one at a time.

Chris Williams brought his handcrafted wooden bowls and frames. They were all unique shapes, and carefully sculpted and sanded down to a smooth finish.

Another woodcraft vendor made cutting boards and bread boxes. The breadbox lid comes off and doubles as a cutting board.

“And there’s a slot for a bread knife,” said the vendor with excitement. “That’s not something you typically see on a bread box.”

There was an assortment of food vendors, including Mo’s Fudge, the Chester Rotary Club, and the Chester Fire Department. Each class from Green Mountain Union High School was also set up with various foods.

From bracelets to milkshakes, and artworks to dog bandanas, there were enough products to peak a range of interests

at the Chester Fall Festival.



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