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GRAFTON, Vt. – The portal into the fairy world is only allowed open once a year and it’s at the Grafton Fairy House Festival the last weekend in September.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust from the Fairy Queen, visitors were ready to travel into another realm at this year’s event.

Walking around the outskirts of the field and along the edge of the woods, the fairy houses could be found at every bend in the road, in a crook of a tree or a hollow in a root.

The portal is not just allowing humans and fairies to connect, but giving the opportunity for folks to appreciate nature; to slow down and admire the tiniest of details, from acorn tops to lavender flowers.

There were more than just fairy houses present, but a theater, farms, hotels, a flying boat, sugar shack, gardens, and schools.

During the adventure around the fairy world, visitors come across The Gratitude Tree. Success of the festival relies heavily on donors and FIP – otherwise known as Fairy Important People.

On the tree were the names of the creative, supporting people. and businesses that help keep the festival going year after year.

To avoid being trapped in the world of the fairies – it is very easy to wander away – the exit was clearly marked with pumpkins along the path.

A Wishing Tree was assembled just past the exit. People could tie a piece of fabric and cast their wish in hopes the fairies would grant it. One child wished for a puppy with wings.

Creating fairy houses gives children an activity to go outside, connect with nature and let their imaginations ignite. Everyone needs a bit of fairy magic in their lives.

A few fairy house building tips directly from the fairies:

1.     Fairies are fascinated by anything shiny so add items that glitter and sparkle.

2.     Fairies are lovers of music. A wind chime will make them very pleased.

3.     Colors are dear to fairies’ hearts. Be sure to add plenty of rainbows, buttons, beads, flower petals, or ribbons.

The Nature Museum is more than just a museum; it is an environmental education center, providing hands-on science and nature programs for people of all ages. The Fairy House Festival is the museum’s largest fundraiser. All proceeds go towards programs in the neighboring schools and communities.

  Until the portal is opened again next year, view the fairy house photos on Facebook @TheShopperKMA.

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