Everyday Creative opens in downtown Bellows Falls

Megan Applegate of Everyday Creative. Photo provided
Megan Applegate of Everyday Creative. Photo provided

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – Based in the square in downtown Bellows Falls, the Everyday Creative Company is the new one-stop shop for all things art and creativity. Recently launched by Megan Applegate and her husband Patrick, Everyday Creative strives to make their art and craft experiences fun, accessible, and personal.

“In August of last year, my husband and I opened our own martial arts academy here in Bellows Falls, and it was a dream come true,” Megan Applegate said. “We trucked along for seven months, until everything came to a screeching halt thanks to COVID-19. We sat in limbo like every other small business out there, trying to pay for an unused space with no end in sight, and we faced some tough questions. Do we try to reopen a jiu jitsu and kickboxing school in the foreseeable future? All signs pointed to ‘not likely,’ and waiting until it was safe to continue the academy was not a likely option.”

Therefore, it was time for the Applegates to get creative. During her leisure time before the pandemic, Megan was also offering a couple “painting night” classes that had become quite popular. She decided to pivot and expand upon that idea as a way to bridge the gap while the academy is on hold. “I could offer online painting classes and create ways to utilize our space, as to not lose it.”

Art kits to go
Art kits to go. Photo provided

Originally, the Applegates, thought the pandemic would be under control once the summer months rolled around, so they had decided to turn the academy into an in-house community art space. “We built this amazing do-it-yourself craft bar where you can walk in, choose from eight neat craft projects, and sit at a table with your friends and complete them,” Megan said. However, the pandemic didn’t go away.

“So, we pivoted again, and on June 12, launched our first online acrylic painting class via Zoom and we haven’t stopped since. We are currently offering two classes per week – one for kids and one geared for adults on the weekend.”

In the shop, they offer all-inclusive paint kits that have all the supplies needed for the classes, as well as a link to the Zoom classes. All the craft bar projects are now scheduled as either online classes or offered as “grab and go” kits with links to the tutorials on YouTube. “Our ideas about ‘in-house’ services will eventually come back, but for now and to keep us all safe, we are ‘creativity to go!’”

The Applegates also want to make it clear to potential visitors that they are taking safety precautions very seriously, as masks are required, they limit the number of people visiting at a time, and they disinfect after each visitor. “We want to have fun, meet new people, and try new things, but we also can’t forget that we are in the middle of a pandemic and we need to take care of each other. All our services are explained on our website, so that’s a great resource to learn more about us.”

To learn more about Everyday Creative, visit www.everydaycreativevermont.com.

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