Elected positions open in Town of Rockingham

Rockingham has several elected positions opening up this year, including within the Selectboard. Photo provided.

ROCKINGHAM, Vt. – Each year there are election procedures to follow and deadlines to meet, which provide the biggest challenges for those responsible for running our elections. In the Town of Rockingham’s case, it is the Town Clerk and the Board of Civil Authority, which includes Justices of the Peace residing in Rockingham, who are responsible for those procedures.

This year, there are many open positions for the Town of Rockingham, and the deadline for petitions is Monday, Jan. 24. That will be the last day that a candidate seeking office can register to vote in order to have their name printed on the ballot for the election Tuesday, March 1. All candidates should register before submitting their petition.

Covid-19 has altered rules from the past elections. For example, the requirement to collect signatures was waived last year. For Town Meeting 2022, if you are running for an elected position, you must acquire 30 signatures from registered voters by the deadline on January 24.

Interested candidates should visit the Town Clerk’s office for a petition for the following positions: Selectboard, one-year and three-year term; Lister, two-year and three-year term; Trustee of Public Library; Trustee of the Campbell Fund; Custodian of the Campbell Fund; Rockingham School Director; Rockingham School Moderator; Town Treasurer/Tax Collector; and Town Clerk.

Municipal Manager Scott Pickup is preparing the 2022 Annual Report. The deadline is January 20. All organizations who wish to be included in this year’s Annual Report, please contact Pickup at manager@rockbf.org

The Rockingham Town Clerk’s office is located on the second floor of the Town Hall above the Bellows Falls Opera House. The office is open Monday-Thursday, from 7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Town Clerk Kathleen Neathawk can be reached at clerk@rockbf.org or 802-463-4336.


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