Condo Owners concerned over Cavendish structure

Condo Owners
Cavendish residents concerned over structure in town. Photo provided.

CAVENDISH, Vt. – The Cavendish Select Board met Monday, May 14 for their monthly meeting. While the agenda included many topics of discussion, such as updates on numerous town projects, there was a heated debate on a particular property in Cavendish that is speculated to be in violation of local ordinance laws.

The property in question is located on 53 Depot St. in Proctorsville and has been a topic of debate for several years. Originally brought up in 2003 by concerned Condo Owners, it has been discussed ever since. The issue was brought before the Select Board again by residents, Pat Moore and Aaron Silidker, who represented the North Country Condominium Association. “If you [Select Board] don’t do something, you could be liable,” Moore warned.

The building suffered fire damage in the 1980s and more damage during Hurricane Irene. Damage includes a collapsing foundation and other structural damage that Silidker believes will only get worse with time. “Deterioration will always accelerate as the structure degrades throughout the seasons. North Country Condo Owners are concerned for their safety. I have tried to contact the owner, but haven’t received a response.” Silidker remarked.

Larry Wilfong was unable to attend the meeting, but expressed his opposition towards the motion to condemn the building. As a long time resident, he and his family live near the building. “I am completely for the property owner to do as she wishes with her property. Clearly it has remained standing these two decades. It is posted clearly enough to warn of trespassing. And my children know not to enter the structure,” he explained.

It appeared the Cavendish Select Board shared several different views on the matter. Board member Sandra Russo agreed that the building needs to be repaired, while Board Member Mike Ripley questioned the extent the Select Board should intervene. It was decided that the owners would be contacted to gather more information, which will be made available at the next meeting. More information can be found by viewing the minutes at

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