Charlestown teacher publishes book, “Wealth Beyond Riches”

Blanch Nutting's family feeding a deer in 1966
Blanch Nutting’s family feeding a deer in 1966. Photo provided

CHARLESTOWN, N.H. – Local author and teacher Blanch Nutting has published her second book titled “Wealth Beyond Riches.” The book was published in February of 2019 by Xulon Press Christian Publishing based in Maitland, Fla., and is available in paperback and on Kindle.

Nutting’s first title was published in 2011, also by Xulon Press, called “Monster In The Wall,” a children’s book about an incident at Blanch’s home that frightened her two grandsons whom were ages 8 and 11 at the time.

Based in the mid-1900s, “Wealth Beyond Riches” is the story of Nutting’s own family, Fred and Helen Brockway – Blanch’s parents – and their successful raising of 10 children as God-honored citizens. The book is reminiscent of the “Little House” series, but instead is set 100 years later in Maine – where Blanch grew up – instead of the Midwest.

Wealth Beyond Riches by Blanche Nutting
Wealth Beyond Riches by Blanche Nutting. Photo provided

“My parents were rare examples of kind but firm leaders, and found strength to rear us all through their faith,” Nutting said. “The book speaks to parents and kids today and encourages the positive traits of obedience to authority, hard work, and love of family and dedication – even during stressful and harrowing times.”

Blanch was the sixth of 10 children, and the recollections of her older siblings are included in the book. Therefore, the first nine chapters of the book are written in the third person, and after she was born, Nutting writes in the first person while still relying on the memories of all eight of her living siblings as well as her own. A younger sister, Ruth Elaine, passed away at a young age. Names of some of her neighbors and friends have been changed in order to protect their identities.

“I wrote my current book as to honor my great parents who reared us 10 kids with little money but much love and hard labor. Plus, I also wanted to leave a legacy for my own kids and extended family. It took five years to research and write the book, for I spoke with all living siblings to get their memories and views of the different events that I wrote about.

“As to whether I will write another book, I have started a sequel, but it has yet to consume me like ‘Wealth Beyond Riches’ did. I am also considering a novel based on my first year of teaching school.”

“Wealth Beyond Riches” is available through the publisher’s website other online outlets and locally at Village Square Books in Bellows Falls and Violet’s Book Exchange in Claremont. “Monster In The Wall” is also available online.

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