CCCA sponsors local guided bird walk

bird walk
CCCA Bird Walk. Photo by Sharon Huntley

CAVENDISH, Vt. – The Cavendish Community and Conservation Association was able to combine social distancing guidelines and a love of nature in a recent sponsored bird walk, hosted by Marianne and Michael Walsh of the Ascutney Mountain Audubon Society.

A group of seven, donned with masks and binoculars, hiked along on a local vast trail Saturday morning, May 16, as the hosts pointed out approximately 36 species of birds, listened to birdsong, and spoke about habitat.

A yearly event for the CCCA, President Robin Timko was pleased that, even in the midst of a pandemic, the group was able to adapt for a safe outing and connect with the local bird population. “The birds are such an important harbinger to know what’s happening in our environment,” she said.

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