Cavendish Transfer Station could see changes

CAVENDISH, Vt. – The Cavendish Select Board met on Monday, April 9, for their monthly meeting at the town office. One of the topics discussed was the proposal for modifications to the transfer stations hours. Soon enough, the conversation had shifted to other changes that community members thought were important.

transfer station
Cavendish Select Board and community discussed changes to the transfer station and token system. Photo by Shawntae Stillwell

The proposal was made by Town Manager Brendan McNamara who suggested that the hours for the transfer station be changed on Sunday so that the station closed at 5 p.m. “For some people, Sunday is a lazy day, where they move slower, either because of Church, or working outside longer, and I feel 2 p.m. is too early,” he had said. Despite the increase in operational hours, the town would not go over budget. Recently, they had downsized the number of workers at the Transfer Station from two to one. “It balances everything out,” Brendan explained.

In addition to the changes to hours, the town is considering revisions to where residents can purchase the tokens needed to throw away trash at the station. If pursued, this would eliminate the sale locations at Singleton’s General Store and the Town Office. Instead, residents would be able to purchase the tokens at the transfer station directly. However, concerns were raised about keeping money at the site for safety reasons.

The current system involves having residents purchase two variations of a token, depending on the size of the trash bag, and handing it in after disposal. The price for the tokens was increased during the last fiscal year, which had initially sparked the conversation about changing the system. The same discussion was revisited at the meeting when people began brainstorming changes to the system.

It was suggested that the Select Board could research an ATM-style machine that residents could use to purchase the tokens. Another resident suggested incorporating the town website, while another brought up the system used by Ludlow. Regardless, Brendan McNamara says, “This is still in a very infantile stage.”

The Town of Cavendish will issue a warning when the transfer station hours will change on Sunday, but currently, there is no start date in mind. The new hours will be implemented for a three month trial period to see if it there would be enough traffic for it to be viable.

More information about the meeting, as well as the minutes, can be found at or at the town office.

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