Cavendish Selectboard meeting focuses on town water systems

Cavendish Selectboard meeting Aug. 12, 2019. Photo by Sharon Huntley

CAVENDISH, Vt. – In a meeting that lasted under a half an hour, the Cavendish Selectboard largely dealt with wastewater system issues including revising the wastewater ordinance and replacing the filtration plant media in anticipation of the town’s wastewater plants aeration system being completed.

Town Manager Brendan McNamara distributed a proposed wastewater ordinance draft developed by Weston and Sampson several years ago, as well as the current Cavendish wastewater ordinance from 1988 with the intention of having a revised draft in front of the Selectboard at the next meeting. McNamara also provided other local towns ordinances to give the board a sense of what surrounding towns were doing. An updated ordinance is needed to protect the town’s new wastewater plant and aeration system, which is expected to be fully operational at the end of September after a two-year process. An updated ordinance is also needed in order to approve discharge permits at the end of the year.

The “media” will be replaced in the water filtration plant after Labor Day. The Town Office will send out a water conservation notice for the Tuesday following Labor Day through the following Monday. The media, which is made up of different types of course sand, should take approximately three days. Initially planned for July, issues with a vacuum truck required that the process be rescheduled.

Also on the agenda, the Town Plan hearing will be scheduled for Nov. 12 at 5:30 p.m. just prior to the Selectboard meeting at 6:30 p.m. The plan will be voted on at Town Meeting in March.

McNamara said that the Depot Street Bridge is unlikely to be finished this year. In his most recent conversations with Cold River Bridges, they indicated that it would be a push to get it done this year although the steel will be delivered next week. If winter weather holds off, it may still be a possibility but McNamara indicated that CRB was not optimistic. However, on a positive note, the sewer line that had been damaged at the location has now been replaced with a permanent line.

Julia Gignoux, on behalf of the Cavendish Streetscapes Committee, presented the town with a framed document that lists the names of all those who have had a flag dedicated in their honor. Citizens have the opportunity to dedicate a flag as part of their fundraising efforts. The framed document will be hung in the Town Offices. The list will be updated every six months.

Doris Eddy, also on the Streetscapes committee, requested that the town have the trees on the Proctorsville green pruned and thinned in an effort to keep them healthy and thriving. The town agreed to reach out to the local Vo-Tech School to engage their horticulture group in the effort.

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