Cavendish Select Board sees new development projects

CAVENDISH, Vt. – The Cavendish Select Board met on Monday, March 13 for their monthly meeting. With the town budget passed, and elections over, the meeting focused on the developmental projects in Cavendish over the next year.


Cavendish Select Board listened to proposals for the Outer Limits Brewery & Pub. Photo by Shawntae Stillwell.

Wesley Tice, owner of Outer Limits Brewery, and Gale King, both continued their discussions with the Select Board on getting approvals for their upcoming pub and brewery that will be located in Proctorsville by the Green. One of their main requests revolved around a proposal to use some of the town land to construct nine parking spots.

The spots would be located behind their building for employees and would help decongest the local area for the 106-seat restaurant. Despite having to share the parking lot with local residents, and Murdock’s on the Green, Gale King believes, “There is efficient parking available.” Although no decision was made by the Select Board, discussions will continue with both the board and the Planning Commission.

Among other topics discussed at the meeting were updates on the Depot Street bridge and town garage. Shane Mullen, from Weston & Sampson Engineers, Inc., presented designs towards the board to continue discussion. Weston & Sampson is in charge of the utility replacement beneath the Depot Street Bridge before it can be replaced with a new one. While the state was considering creating a temporary bridge for the wires and pipes beneath the Depot Street Bridge, Shane Mullen says it would be around $100,000 cheaper to install the utilities underground. While this would save money for the town, the final cost won’t be predicted until the end of the month. The bridge is set to be constructed in Spring of 2019.

The Cavendish Town Garage, which suffered fire damage on February 15, 2017, received more updates on its eventual reconstruction. The garage is scheduled to be relocated to the upper sand pit along Route 131, which is across the water treatment plant. Two designs were presented at the meeting, causing the debate on whether the town garage should be parallel or perpendicular to the road. The building will be equipped with solar panels and other structural improvements. “We really want to get this built this summer,” said Bruce McEnaney, assistant to the town manager. Foundation plans will be presented by the end of the week, and the town hopes to apply for their permits by April, so that the town garage will be available for the next winter season.

More information can be found at, or inside the Town Office in Cavendish.

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