Cavendish SB enjoys a quiet evening

CAVENDISH, Vt. – The most exciting item of the Aug. 14, 2017, meeting of the Cavendish Select Board was a request to deal with a rat infestation at North Country Condominiums. Casey Mann, secretary of North Country Condos, reported that rats had been observed at an abandoned structure in Phase One of the complex. She said rats pose a risk to health and asked for the building to be officially condemned by the town health officer and removed. After some discussion Town Manager Brendan McNamara said he would speak to Health Officer Doris Eddy and “get it moving ASAP.”

An attorney representing Glimmerstone was present to inform the board that his client has “shut down” the business and is putting the property on the market due to a delay in board approval for catering permits, dating back to the May meeting. The delay and uncertainty have negatively affected her business, which depends on long-range planning for weddings, etc., and she has cancelled next year’s schedule as well, the attorney said. The board’s May decision to delay final approval for the entire season hinged on complaints from neighbors about noise during past events. The board wanted to monitor the situation before issuing more permits. Five more dates remain this season: Sept. 9, 16, 23 and 30 and Oct. 14, for which she is requesting catering permits. Town Manager McNamara noted there have been no more complaints this year, that everything has been “perfect.” It was moved, seconded and passed to approve the remaining five permits.

Glimmerstone mansion. Photo by Amanda Morgan

The board moved, seconded and approved a liquor license for Neil Baron, who is opening a new restaurant at the old Table 19. He assured the board that he doesn’t plan to sell tobacco products.

The board moved, seconded and approved a special event permit for Caledonia Spirits, Inc., for the Vermont Golden Honey Festival, Sept. 9, 2017. The permit allows a one-day sale of alcoholic beverages at the event.

Doris Eddy submitted a letter of interest in filling the Justice of the Peace vacancy. TM McNamara explained that because the town does not have a Democratic Party, the governor must make the appointment. McNamara said that either the town or Eddy could write the governor. It was moved, seconded and passed to support Eddy’s application.

The town garage replacement proceeds slowly but steadily. Two bids each have been received for 1) the demolition of the building and 2) fabrication of a new steel building shell. Town Manager McNamara asked for the board’s approval for the demolition bid tonight and to postpone a vote for the fabrication to a later time. The board voted to accept the $22,000 bid of Stearns Excavating of Proctorsville for demolition. Assistant Town Manager Bruce McEnaney explained that the $22,000 is covered by the town’s insurance policy.

Bids for the new building have come in at $102,628 (Armstrong Steel) and $44,590 (Heritage). The lower bid includes less insulation and excludes overhead doors and their motors. Town Manager McNamara explained that this expenditure must be brought before the voters. The site must be prepped and the slab poured before cold weather arrives, so “time is of the essence,” he said. To allow the slab to be done in a timely manner, McNamara and McEnaney requested to appropriate funds from the capital equipment fund and replenish the money after the town vote. Engineering costs for the slab will be borne by insurance, according to McEnaney. The vote should be taken in end September-early October.

A regular Select Board meeting will be held Monday Aug. 21 at 4 p.m. to further discuss aspects of plans and a date for the vote, to be announced on the town website and advertised in The Vermont Journal.

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