Business Spotlight: Wholistic Wellness Center

Wholistic Wellness Center

160 Wall Street, Springfield, Vt.


Wholistic Wellness Center in Springfield is a quiet, peaceful space with a small community of independent professionals who are all gathered to provide an array of wellness services, including: physical therapy, therapeutic massage, psychotherapy, and energy medicine.

Cindy Aldrich and her husband have owned the business property for 16 years after Cindy decided she wanted to work in a space with others in order to “simply use the energy of each other.” However, the Wholistic Wellness Center has grown into a community where the practitioners sometimes collaborate on community events. Space is rented out to the individual practitioners for their appointments.

The mission of the wellness center is that it “brings together a broad range of therapists working in the body-mind-spirit tradition with the common goal of providing quality, affordable, complimentary healthcare. We are a community of healers dedicated to serving our broader community with integrity, compassion, responsibility, and commitment.”

Dianna Wilson, Office Manager; Shawn Antonivich and Cindy Aldrich, physical therapists. Photo provided.

Upon entering the Wholistic Wellness Center, there is a bright and sunny waiting room that is “quiet and serene.” The ambiance really helps clients start to unwind while they wait for their therapist. Each practitioner has their own treatment room, and there’s a gym area with equipment – treadmill, bike, weights, etc. – for physical therapy use.

Cindy Aldrich, PT, LTD, and Shawn Antonivich, PTA, have collectively 40 years of experience in physical therapy. Most of their work is manual – or hands on – therapy for lower back, neck, joint pain, etc. They specialize in post-operational rehabilitation following injuries. Each treatment program is individualized based on a client’s specific needs. To schedule an appointment, call 802-885-1600.

Joni Foster-Robinson, RN, MS, FNP, ST, is a Holistic Nurse Practitioner and Somatic therapist with a focus on deep tissue massage, neuro-muscular, cranilsacral, Reiki, exercises, nutrition, relaxation, mind-body, and centering therapies. Each session with Joni is “meant to give you sacred space in your busy life.” She can be reached by calling 802-263-5249.

The Wholistic Wellness Center independent practitioners. Photo provided.

Lu Parker, CMT, MA, AS, CMFR, graduated from Touchstone Healing School of Massage and completed her master level in foot reflexology. She also performs different massage techniques including: Swedish, deep tissue, sports, hydrotherapy, prenatal, and reflexology. Each session is “created to guide you to accomplish your own goals for wellness and happiness, and for you to find balance and joy in body, mind and spirit.” Call her at 802-558-7932 or email

Joanie Cioffi, MS, RMT, was certified, licensed, and registered with the Texas Department of Health and worked with the Texas Tech University football team for two years performing preventive and rehabilitative massage therapy. She specializes in sports, deep tissue, and relaxation massage therapy. Joanie can be reached by calling 802-376-9878 or emailing

Samantha Snide, LMT, specializes in pre-and-postnatal massage. Snide believes “prenatal massage offers a unique opportunity to help both the mothers’ and their babies reach their optimal health and well being.” She also specializes in myofascial, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and Swedish massage therapy. Each massage is based on individual needs and communication between client and therapist. To contact Samantha, call 603-558-1317 or email

wellnessDee Goings does Reiki, body work, and card readings. She can be contacted by calling 303-710-7009 or 802-885-8594.

Kate Bell, MSW, LICSW, does family therapy and can be reached by calling 802-376-5818.

Mara Cicaloni, MS, LCMHC, EEMCP, specializes in psychotherapy, art therapy, energy psychology, thought field therapy, and energy medicine. Energy medicine “focuses on the entire body as a system… and then by working with specific energies that are involved with the problem.” Mara can be contacted by calling 802-384-2698 or emailing

Marie Gray works in integrated energy therapy and aroma touch therapy – working with essential oils. She helps “get the issues out of your tissues.” Marie can be reached by calling 802-591-1597.

With a wide array of services and practitioners, it may be difficult to decide whom to work with for first-time clients. Luckily, Dianna Wilson is there to welcome clients into the center. She can answer questions and make recommendations to first-time clients. While she does not schedule appointments for the practitioners, she can pass along contact information. She’s usually in the office Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

There will usually be someone in the office during the week to answer phone calls. Otherwise, they will respond to voice mail typically within 24 hours. Services are by appointment only.

Cindy Aldrich also owns Inner Journeys with Horses, an engagement with horses that teaches leadership, communication, and personal awareness, at Seavers Brook Farm, located at 381 Will Dean Road in Springfield. Not to be confused with therapeutic riding, Inner Journeys is a non-riding horse therapy for adults who want to look within themselves. New offerings will be available in the spring. More information can be found at or by emailing Cindy at

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