Business Spotlight: Sew Happy Quilting

Andrea Scott and one of her quilt creations. Photo provided.

Sew Happy Quilting

Bellows Falls


Quilter and substitute teacher Andrea Scott has been quilting for over 25 years, ever since she learned how to cut and sew her first fabric square back in high school. Since then, it has been a happy constant in her life. Now that her three kids have turned into more independent teenagers, she’s decided to make it a business.

Andrea is the owner and quilter of Sew Happy Quilting in Bellows Falls. Although she doesn’t have a bricks and mortar storefront, her virtual store is part of the Etsy website, the well-known cyber home to small artists, artisans, and craftspeople from around the world. She’s happy to be able to try her hand at turning her passion into a successful business. According to Scott, “There’s just something about working with fabric.” Since her launch in May of 2017, she has seen steady growth through the Etsy site, a few craft shows, and word of mouth. She plans on expanding her craft show circuit next year.


Mug rugs from Sew Happy Quilting. Photo provided.

Her best-selling products tend to be smaller in scale like her mug rugs, potholders, table runners, and baby quilts. She uses beautiful fabrics and color combinations, which you can see on her Etsy site. She also specializes on custom orders and will work with you to coordinate with your décor or other items that are part of a gift basket or box.

Visit Andrea’s Etsy site at or you can see her quilted creations for yourself at the Westminster Institute Craft Bazaar Friday, Dec. 7 from 5-8 p.m.

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