Business Spotlight: Drew’s Organics

organicsDrew’s Organics

926 Vermont Rte. 103 South

Chester, Vt.


Just past the Green Mountain Union High School, heading south on Rt. 103 in Chester, Vt., is a discrete driveway with a simple sign that reads “Drew’s.” A short drive up the winding hill and you arrive at their sprawling red building.

Part corporate headquarters, part production facility, and part warehouse, this is where Drew’s Organic Salad Dressings and Salsas are created, bottled, packaged, and prepped before finding their way to your favorite supermarket shelf.

organicsDrew’s started in 1995,when a young chef named Andrew Starkweather, aka “Chef Drew” could not find healthy salad dressings in local stores, and so started making his own. He was passionate about using fresh, high quality, natural ingredients. Although no longer with the company, Drew’s continues to be inspired by Chef Drew’s original recipes, producing dressings and salsas which are infused with delicious, authentic regional, and ethnic flavors. Always committed to using the highest quality ingredients, Drew’s recently embarked on a commitment to use only organic and non-GMO ingredients, officially becoming “Drew’s Organics.”

organics Drew’s Organics currently produces 17 flavors of salad dressings and 8 different salsas. Products are available nationwide at many major retailers and independent stores. There are even a line of dressings specifically bottled and labeled for sale in Canada, as well as a line of foodservice gallon dressings for sale here in the U.S. Drew’s is always experimenting with new flavors and ingredients to expand their delicious product line.

Drew’s Organics, with their only facility in Chester, is a small, family-owned business, employing more than 60 people who wear many hats in this thriving business. You can find recipes and where to buy information on their website at

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