Business Spotlight: Bonnie’s Bundles

Bonnie’s Bundles

250 North Street, Stone Village, Chester, Vt.


Bonnie Watters has been making children and adults happy with her handmade custom dolls for over 50 years. Located in the Stone Village in Chester, what began as a doll-making hobby in 1968 has turned into a thriving business, blending her dressmaking skills, embroidery talent, and creativity. Her dolls have soft cloth bodies, many different yarn hairstyles to choose from, and are dressed in intricate calico, old-fashioned clothing. But what really makes a Bonnie’s Bundles doll stand out is her doll’s unique embroidered eyes.

Bonnie's BundlesHer “real eye” choices cover what you would expect: different shapes and styles in blue, green, violet, and brown. Her unexpected “motif eyes” include rainbows, flowers, bumble bees, butterflies, cardinals, wreaths, animals, and anything else you, or Bonnie, can think of.

Whether in her shop or shopping on her website online, you can choose from approximately 100 dolls already lovingly made and just waiting for a home. Each doll is named, registered, and signed. Custom designs are Bonnie’s specialty, however, and she is more than happy to incorporate special facial features, hairstyles, eyes, and clothing to make your perfect companion. Custom dolls can take several days, so plan accordingly if you are hoping to surprise someone for Christmas.

In addition to dolls, Bonnie also carries calico cloth animals, assorted craft kits, and doll-making patterns. She also holds doll-making workshops for kids and adults in her shop or in other venues. Visit for more information.

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