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Andy’s Farrier Service
91 Clark St Westminster, Vt.
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Andy’s Farrier Service has been serving southern New England for the past 12 years. Andy Ware, owner of the horseshoeing business, specializes in conformation and balance issues, chronic lameness, founder, navicular disease, and white line resections.

Andy Ware working with a horse for his Farrier Service.
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“I started my journey towards being a farrier at the age of 19 by apprenticing several days a week. My formal training followed at Tuscon School of Horseshoeing in 1995,” Ware explains. “After moving back to the east coast I continued my education with the Garden State Horseshoers Association. I began shoeing full time for the United States Driving Team Farrier. I did so for the next five years, traveling from Maine to Florida, shoeing some of the highest level driving horses in the world.”

In 2000 Ware moved to Vermont with his wife Rachel. The couple now own AlpineGlo Farm in Westminster, raising pigs, ducks, and chickens for meat and eggs, as well as goats for dairy products. They also “have a small herd of CAE free, ADGA registered Alpine goats.”

“Before I was a full-time farrier, I worked as a professional trainer at a thoroughbred breeding facility,” Ware explained. “I did everything from halter breaking foals to training two-year olds for the racetrack.” Ware continued to train horses on the road while working as a farrier. In 2007 he began training services from halter breaking to long lining, riding, and driving.

Some of Andy’s Farrier horseshoeing services include: Farrier for the Performance Horse, which is horshoeing for the competition horse from 4-H to FEI; European Set, or a hot fitting method with a clipped shoe that is fit to the specific foot; Conformation and Balance analyzes the conformation and balance of each individual horse; and A Kind Gentle Approach relies on Ware’s background as a trainer and horseman to apply his skills as a farrier in a calm and low stress manor for the horse.

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