Op-Ed: A message from Montpelier


State Representative Tom Bock. Photo provided.

This is the first of my periodic notes covering the happenings in the Statehouse during the 2018 legislative session. My hope is to keep all of you informed and abreast of the issues discussed and bills proposed. I will try to give you a sense of Vermont’s legislative process on how ideas become law, and opportunities for citizen involvement in the process.

It was great to get back to the Capital where the place was abuzz with activity – greeting colleagues, discussing issues, and then quickly settling in for a busy session. As is tradition, the session opened with remarks from Speaker of the House Mitzi Johnson and the State of the State Address delivered by Governor Scott on day two.

In her opening remarks, Speaker Johnson welcomed representatives back to the Statehouse and outlined her vision to continue to create a strong healthy future for Vermont. She emphasized prioritizing legislation that addresses and enables our working families to meet their basic needs while creating an economy that works for all Vermonters. She went on to note that this would require continued, reliable, and workable investments in Vermont’s healthcare, education, workforce development, and environment.

Governor Scott delivered his State of the State Address highlighting progress made in 2017, and recommitting to an agenda focused on economic growth and affordability, while protecting the vulnerable. The governor re-emphasized that Vermont needs to address the looming issues of declining population and economic trends. He reminded us that our costs of living remain among the highest in the U.S. and are not sustainable. He emphasized that Vermonters cannot afford higher fees or taxes – including property taxes – any more this year than last year.  He noted that last year the State limited budget growth to 1 percent, while wages grew at 2 percent.

Within the first two weeks both the House and Senate took care of some unfinished business by voting – my vote included – to pass Bill H-511 on recreational marijuana legalization. The bill was signed into law by Governor Scott to take effect on July 1, 2018 and allows an adult, 21 years of age or older, to possess up to 1 oz. of marijuana and to cultivate no more than two mature and four immature plants. The legislature is expecting a report from the Governor’s Marijuana Advisory Commission due in December 2018 that will examine the impact on Vermont’s economy with a tax and regulate form of legalization for consideration in 2019.

In my upcoming messages I hope to fill you in on recent happenings in the legislature and give you a closer look at pressing issues such as educational funding, water quality, and rural economic development.

I welcome any questions, opinions, thoughts, or concerns you may have on any legislative issues. You can contact me at tbock@leg.state.vt.us or tmbock@vermontel.net or feel free to call me at home at 802-875-2222.

I heartily encourage you to visit the statehouse. The public is welcome to watch the proceedings in both the House and Senate chambers. If you let me know beforehand, I would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you for lunch in the statehouse cafeteria. I look forward to hearing from you.

  Article written by Representative Tom Bock of Andover, Baltimore, Chester, and North Springfield.

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