Op-Ed: Scott focused on pocketbook issues & protecting Vermonters

After Gov. Phil Scott’s 2018 State of the State address, Deb Billado, chair of the Vermont Republican Party, issued the following statement:

“From 2010 to 2016, under the leadership of Governor Shumlin, the state budget grew at an annual rate of 4-5 percent, out-pacing Vermonters’ ability to pay for it.

“The past year has been a breath of fresh air as Gov. Scott has done what he said he would do. He presented, fought for, and signed a budget that didn’t raise taxes and fees for the first time in recent history.

“With Gov. Scott in the corner office, we can rest assured that our state budgeting will get back to the fiscal fundamentals, there will be a renewed focus on economic opportunities, and he will resist taxes and fees – including property taxes – from increasing again this year.

“I was also very pleased to hear about his commitment to workforce development, which includes eliminating the tax on military pensions, tuition free college for our national guard members, and investments in pro-growth areas like job training, downtown development incentives, and affordable housing.

“The governor’s leadership on pocketbook issues is finally helping overburdened Vermonters get ahead.”

Article written by Vermont Republicans. www.vtgop.org.

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