LTE: Springfield Medical Care Systems thanks its staff

Dear Editor,


It is with an immense amount of pride that the Board of Directors of Springfield Medical Care Systems, Inc. would like to acknowledge the amazing efforts and commitment of all the staff of SMCS over the last two years during this pandemic. Their efforts have highlighted that excellent care is a team effort and that everyone’s role is vital to delivering quality patient services.

Many people have stepped up, putting in extra time, assisting other team members with tasks not normally their own, keeping conditions safe for patients and staff, spending more time away from their families, and continuing to provide care to the patients of our region.

Without these efforts, quality care delivered locally in a professional and competent manner would not have been possible.

We hope that in the coming weeks and months the pandemic will ease and the staff will be able to get back to delivering that care in a much less stressful environment.



Board of Directors,

Springfield Medical Care Systems, Inc.

Springfield, Vt.

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