LTE: Springfield Democratic Committee shares gratitude

Dear Editor,


Delayed, but not forgotten.

The Springfield Democratic Committee planned its second annual food drive in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King for Jan. 17. Due to weather conditions it was rescheduled for Saturday, March 5. Once again the people of Springfield demonstrated their generosity by donating $450 and 617 pounds of food to The Springfield Family Center. We are so proud of our community.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of you. We thank the management and the staff at Shaws for not only allowing us to do the food drive, but for the kindness of all the employees with whom we interacted. We thank every single person who donated money or items of food. It felt good to be part of something so positive on this delayed community action day.



Char Osterlund

Chair, Springfield Town Democrats

Springfield, Vt.

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