LTE: Senate candidates Alison Clarkson, Dick McCormack, and Becca White

Dear Editor,


Thank you Vermont Windsor District voters for your support in choosing us to be your three Democratic Senate candidates on the ballot this Nov. 8, 2022. We, Alison Clarkson, Dick McCormack, and Becca White, are running as a team, and we heartily endorse one another. We respect one another as individuals and as public servants, and we share our commitment to good public policy.

In the Vermont Senate, we will work together to defend reproductive liberty, to respond to the overarching existential challenge of Global Warming, the crises we face in affordable housing and childcare, and the long-term effects of the pandemic, such as inflation, the worker shortage, loss of school time, and continuing threats of infection. We support both public safety and gun safety, and we refuse to let inclusion and equity become “last year’s issue.”

If elected, all three of us will continue to work hard on these goals. We value working across party lines where possible, in a spirit of good will and fact-based reason, to best serve Vermont. Early voting starts Sept. 26, and we’d appreciate your support.



Alison Clarkson (

Dick McCormack (

Becca White (

Windsor District, Vt.

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