LTE: Sean Whalen thanks Springfield Hospital workers

Dear Editor,


When I count my blessings, Springfield Hospital is a great one. I think they call it North Star Health or something now – but what I am so thankful for is the times when Springfield Hospital has helped our family.

To think of it, it wouldn’t sound fun. Springfield Hospital was there when I foolishly shattered my leg skiing off-trail at Okemo; there for my first colonoscopy; there when I needed to have blood tests; when my car was crushed from behind; and when my mother was dying. At the worst moments of my life, the doctors, nurses, technicians, and administrators of Springfield Hospital have helped me and my family.

They have also been with us in the very best of times, when our three children were born. Those were the best days of all. And in the office of Dr. Barbara Dalton, you could admire the hundreds, maybe thousands, of photographs on the wall of children who were born in Springfield, delivered by Dr. Dalton and Dr. Yolanda Lawrence. So many good days; so many hopes for today and the future.

So, I thank those doctors, and nurses, and receptionists, and all of the good people at North Star who have helped us. Springfield Hospital means a lot to us.



Sean Whalen

Weathersfield, Vt.

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