LTE: Scott Frye on Katie Parent for Schoolboard

Dear Editor,


Parent for Springfield School board.

It just so happens that her name is Parent and that she’s also a parent. A parent of two and a wife of an Army combat veteran. These aren’t unique in the midst of those living in Springfield who want to see our children and grandchildren succeed, not only at school, but after they leave school. What is unique is that she’s not using the fluffy buzzwords that others have been touting.

The reasons I fully support Katie is that she has a deep desire and drive to see that the families and children of Springfield are getting a better education and support system than we’ve been given over the last number of years. To help bring transparency and accountability to the school district when it comes not only to fiscal issues and WHERE our tax monies are going but, how can the school board members be our advocates and human gateways to the rest of the parents and grandparents for all of our good.

I’ve been involved in a number of community events with Katie since last summer including a parent’s forum that opened up a dialogue on “Critical race theory” and its many components and a veterans appreciation flag wave event, that SHE organized (even getting the fire department to bring the massive ladder truck and giant flag for the event).

I’ve also seen her involved at almost every school board meeting since last summer, whether in-person or by virtual meetings put on by the school district. She’s asking questions of the district leadership that haven’t been properly addressed in the past. Questions on issues that affect many aspects of the schools in town.

My quick resume is: Resident of Springfield for 16 years, raised two kids through the Springfield school system and have grandkids that are currently in Springfield schools. Mentor for about 3 years and substitute teacher at three of the schools over a number of years.

Please support Katie in this endeavor for our kids.



Scott Frye

Springfield, Vt.

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