LTE: Roseanne Putnam, SAHS

Dear Editor,


Vermont Town Meeting Day is coming up soon and I would like to point out that the Springfield Art and Historical Society’s funding request for $9,500 (Article #26) will be on the Springfield, Vt. ballot again this year. This funding request covers almost 50% of the operating cost of the Society. Annually we sell calendars, have a yard sale, and sell some items in-house; memberships and donations help make up the remainder. It is important that the town residents understand that this is a totally volunteer organization. There is no paid staff just dedicated local citizens who want to preserve Springfield’s unique history. Thank you for supporting the Society in the past and I ask you to please continue that support this year. I invite you to visit the facility and museum at 65 106-VT, North Springfield, at the Cota and Cota building. We are open Saturdays from 1 – 4 p.m.  Everyone is welcome!



Roseanne “Bunni” Putnam

Springfield, Vt.

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