LTE: Our Republic

Dear Editor,

A friend of opposite political beliefs commented that these twenty representatives holding out voting for Speaker of the House are doing it for the money. That may be true for all members of the House. My belief is not so cynical. The debate for Speaker of the House gets right to the heart of our Republic. We are seeing a small group of the whole insist their will into the whole. This is instead of a majority just choosing what to do and doing it as the whole. Very similar to the states fighting for power within the federal constitution during the debates and its writing. The small states insisted on representation by population and by state. Hence the house representing population and the Senate equal power to each state. This is also why we the United States of America are not a democracy but a republic. The majority cannot flog its will onto the people as a whole. We are individuals and we all add to our entirety as a nation. From one person, to two, to a family, to a neighborhood, to a town, a city, a state, and finally our federal government. We are witnessing the genius of our founding fathers and our founding documents. The emotional slogan one vote per person being a pure democracy always falls to tyranny of the majority. This is why we have a republic. The mob does not rule. Even the individual has a say. The twenty members that held strong in voting for the Speaker of the House were able to get concessions that their minority constituents wanted. Yes this is a great day for our country.

Gerry Mittica

Springfield, Vt.

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