LTE: Nancy Kessling on Plymouth Selectboard and Amherst Lake Dam

Dear Editor,


As a homeowner in Plymouth, Vt., I am deeply disturbed by Jay Kullman’s comment in last week’s paper. He has expressed to the citizens in Plymouth that the selectboard is not interested in helping the owners of the dam on Amherst Lake who are dealing with difficult financial decisions.

The Plymouth Selectboard has been preoccupied with the expenditure of millions of dollars to renovate and modernize the Town Hall and the buildings, which support Plymouth’s care and maintenance. There is no question that the town needs improvements. To date, there has been no real discussion within the community regarding the needs of the general population.

What should be discussed is the selectboard’s refusal to acknowledge the financial impact of a collapsed dam on the community. This will negatively impact the value of all the lands surrounding this lake. It will also detract from the lake’s value as an attraction to visitors.

What if the Town of Plymouth could make an investment in the dam itself through some negotiation with the owners? We have one beachfront on Echo Lake – why not another one on the beautiful and much larger Amherst Lake? The selectboard will ask voters to agree to another near-million dollar investment in November. I don’t believe that their hearts are in the right place if they ignore this reality.



Nancy Kessling

Plymouth, Vt.

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