LTE: Marissa Selleck on the West Hill Rejuvenation Project

Dear Editor:


For the past several weeks I have been submitting press release updates for the West Hill Rejuvenation Project as part of the larger vision of the Ludlow Recreation Committee to upgrade a number of facilities and resources in the Town of Ludlow. I wish now to not only advocate as the Chair of the Ludlow Recreation Committee but also as a life lifelong community member.

Growing up in Ludlow, my childhood was filled with fond memories spread across this little hamlet. From every child and every teacher knowing one another in our quaint grade school and middle/high school; to the sports and music/arts and educational programs they offered; to first job experiences with local business owners; and to summers we all spent at West Hill for the Summer Recreation Camp. In many ways, the West Hill camp was a culmination of all those opportunities. We looked forward to activities West Hill provided: swimming, hiking, biking, basketball, VINS trips, and a multitude of group activities and games, ensuring we still had plenty of interactions with our friends. It also offered many of the older kids their first volunteer experiences and even first official summer jobs, as they themselves had grown up in the program throughout the years. Furthermore, the amenities at West Hill afforded many kids and families security, as most parents worked, being the backbone of any community’s economy, so their children could one day also contribute to a thriving community’s success. West Hill was always a sure thing families could entrust their children to, and children were always guaranteed an adventurous and interactive summer in the fresh Vermont air.

As previously addressed, West Hill among a few other amenities is in need of some necessary restoration. Although our numbers have dwindled over the years, there are still families here who make Ludlow their home and children who need these resources. Parents who work and support fellow families, children who benefit tremendously from the various activities provided at these locales, and our Rec Director who works hard to utilize these facilities as best as possible for the families. As activities continue, we owe it to the families and members of this community to make sure the facilities’ potential is fully supported. Article 7 on the Town Meeting Vote on Monday, April 4, 2022, allots for this support. It is the first step in a more cohesive future plan the Ludlow Recreation Committee has been working on to rejuvenate these resources for the Community. Furthermore, these facilities are accessible to everyone, locals and visitors alike; it behooves us all to support this endeavor. Please support Article 7. Thank you.



Marissa Selleck

Ludlow, Vt.


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