LTE: Keith Stern, “A dose of reality”

Dear Editor,


A dose of reality.

If you are happy that Vermont is in the top five in the country in regards to cost of living vs. wages and overall taxes per capita, then vote Democrat. If you believe that draconian measures including steep fuel tax hikes to reduce Vermont’s 0.1% CO2 share will save the planet, then vote Democrat. If you believe that it’s acceptable that multi-generational Vermonters are being forced to leave because the state is no longer a place that is affordable to raise a family, then vote Democrat. If you are not bothered that businesses can’t find help because an increasing share of the workforce is leaving being replaced by inbound people who have no intention of working jobs here, then vote Democrat. If you believe that the soaring crime and drug use problem is just a fact of life and not government policies, then vote Democrat. If you believe young women have no right to feel safe and comfortable in a women’s locker room, then vote Democrat.

I could go on, but if these things don’t bother you then there’s no point. Unfortunately too many will vote against our best interests.



Keith Stern

North Springfield, Vt.

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