LTE: Jackson Fletcher

Dear Editor,


I am writing this letter to explain how I think scouting is important for our community.

I think scouting is important in our community because of the loyalty it shows to our community and our country. It shows youth how to be an outdoorsman, patriotic, and a helpful person. It is really important to know about outdoor situations that could happen to you, such as: being lost in the woods, treating somebody for a wound, hiding from something, and many more things to save you. Scouts learn to be better people and can learn what you need to learn outside, such as: making a fire, camping, building with logs, navigation, radio talk, and so much more. There are seven ranks that a scout earns by learning different skills. There are 100 plus merit badges out there for different things. A merit badge is earned after you studied and learned about a subject and passed it.

People need to know how important scouting is so that more people can help kids join and that our country can be better in the future. The goal of Scouts is to reach a rank called an Eagle Scout. Once you’re an Eagle Scout it can benefit what you want to do in your future because you have proved that you have worked hard and have been a leader. I as a scout have learned to speak nicer and be more aware of what is around me. I have also gotten more interested in the outdoors and many other things that I have learned from my merit badges and rank requirements.

Thank you for letting me tell you about how and why scouting is important in our community.



Jackson Fletcher,

Troop 252,

Bellows Falls, Vt.

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