LTE: Eva Ryan, a letter to her constituents of Windsor-Windham

Dear Editor,


This letter is addressed to my constituents of the WDR-WDH district, citizens of Athens, Chester, Grafton, and Windham, for showing up and voting in our Aug. 9 primary, one of American’s most sacred duties to perform. I encourage all citizens of our district to exercise their right to vote on Nov. 8 and support others to do so, if needed. It is very important to have all your voices heard.
With my name on November’s ballot, you should know that my position is to protect the constitutional rights of the People within the WDR-WDH District. I have taken on this position of candidacy because of you all within my community. This district of ours is experiencing challenging times and I want to make sure no more unnecessary burdens are placed upon us.
I hearten you to feel comfortable to openly criticize and/or question my stance on particular issues. My intention is to offer mediums where we may participate in healthy discourse that enhances understanding and hopefully cultivating new ideas.
In addition, I expect our district to hold me accountable. Also know, I am not running to promote my own views. I am running to support the backbone of our great state of Vermont, our families, and small businesses. I am proud to be on the ballot, for the People. You can contact me and review both my Facebook page, (evaryanvt), and/or my website, (

Eva Ryan

Chester, Vt.

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